Release the Writer

I have always been a writer, over the years it was on the back burner whenever the urge would boil from within, I could go for days and then fuck all for months or even years at a time. Finding time to focus and make it happen was my enemy. My writing, in which I have now began publishing, did not happen until 2018 when I ended up having my first knee surgery and was cooped up in my house with seven kids and incapable of doing anything about the shit they were doing daily. Tada the So You’re Not Supermom It’s Ok! was born! I needed a release, a fucking outlet to all the struggles that were going on. So, I wrote. My memoir “All the Wrong Love” is my current and most intimate project as a look into my life. In 2019 I had begun to find time to heal and write past traumas, I held deep for over thirty years. This one has taken a lot of honesty, ache, tears and exhaustion but I have never felt truer to myself or better inside. It should come out summer/fall 2020. My biggest inspirations are my kids and the need to heal, but I have also found inspiration in every day situations, people, and friends. We all have something worth saying. My top five tips: Write what suits you, only you know what that is. Every story has worth, you just have to find your audience. Anybody can write, you just have to start and you don’t have to start at the beginning. Some of the best supporters are closest to you. Make time even if it is only a few minutes a day, small progress is still progress. Now that I have mentally decided to focus on my writing more there should be lots to come. So you can expect more fantastic shit to pour from my depths.

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