Book Review: Crayons and Chaos by Hayley Walsh

Honestly, I do not read a lot, I am too fucking tired, lazy and usually have no desire to immerse myself inside another persons writings. Especially while I am so damn busy writing my own shit.

However, with this lovely little read I could not help myself, yeah it still took me a few days to finish it but I am so glad I did.

As a step mother myself, I can absolutely sympathize with every snag of having to deal with another fucking person thinking you are an idiot and constantly needing to rearrange life on her dime. It sucks!

The putting yourself off, throwing your care aside and just doing what you need to do for the kids is a selfless act especially as a stepparent. Do not under any circumstances allow someone to try and tell you any fucking different.

Hayley lays out an honest look as a stepmom, all the self doubts, the struggles and the love that comes eventually by pushing through it all.

Yes, it accurately can take years to get them to show even the slightest amount of affection. Shit I am going on ten years now and my stepson barely says hi to me still, rarely says thank you and still is yet to ever hug me or say I love you!

Her trial and error of having kids is one any parent can definitely relate too and oh my did the clothes line story fucking kill me with laughter. I had to reread that shit a couple times just to make sure I was reading it correctly. That was good shit.

If you want to know that full dilemma of hers read the damn book.

This truly was such a wonderful read, I got some good laughs from it so anyone who is looking for a little extra to not feel so fucking alone please give it a try.

You can find Hayley’s inspiration behind her sweet little novella here (don’t be confused hit the literal word “here”)

I do not think you will regret it. So get it.

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