It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

The midweek hump day, one of the most exhausting days of the fucking week. This one is no different other than it has not been caused by the kids lol.

Last night was a rough one filled with tears and sleepless hours for me. Nothing bad happened, actually quite the opposite.

I was reminded that I would make the one person I loved more than anyone, who was in my life proud and that was just so overwhelming I couldn’t hold it. As I want nothing more than to do right by Laneea and the LGBTQ+ community.

As most know I am forming an anthology in memorium and do not want to offend or hurt a single soul while accomplishing this goal.

“Although things have come a long way over the years she will never get to see it but it doesn’t mean her memory cannot be a part of it.” This was my response to the post. This project is not about me, it is about Laneea Anderson who passed March 26, 2011, 9 years ago and came out in the 1990’s. I want her memory to be known and loved in a community I most certainly need to learn more about and support better to do so.

I was flooded with so many memories and one that still bothers me the most, the day I found her passed away. I have been wanting to get a headstone for the unmarked grave, but have not been able to afford one yet and so this is more my way of marking that space, while bringing light to stories of other beautiful souls like her.

So this What The Fuck Wednesday, I am off to work, still wiping the tears from the inside and trying to hold the emotions at bay. Eyes swollen, red and crusted from tears, exhausted to hell and back but still needing to pay my bills and support my kids.

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