It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Happy fucking hump day! Another midweek release of What the Fuck Wednesday.

I am sure by now people get sick of reading these but I just love writing and I love writing what is on my mind.

Also this one is quite quiet! Eerily silent actual. Must be a calm before the storm of shit hits somewhere.

Last night I got up like I normally do to use the bathroom and let the dogs out. In doing so, over the last while as you know my youngest likes to call into the dark around this time. But last night night he didn’t.

I took the dogs out and came back in, I was waiting for it, I literally stood in the dark listening as hard as I could. I stayed up longer than I needed to as I thought for sure the very minute I go downstairs, climb back in bed and shut my peepers, he will. But he didn’t, I went down by his bedroom door to listen and make sure he was in there.

He was there and he was snoring logs hard. What the fuck! How is this possible? There was true silence in the house last night and I end up not sleeping right because it just isn’t normal here.

Now I am tired, with a headache and aching body parts, stupid weather shifts here. If anyone doesn’t know, Calgary is one of the few places you can have all four fucking seasons in a day. It can drop a foot of snow and a chinook comes and it is gone in half a day. This place is famous for giving migraines. Good fucking times.

It’s also raining here and causing the aches, don’t get me wrong I am a pluviophile. I love the rain, it is calming and cleanses the earth which is very much needed. Have you ever just went out and stood under the falling drops? It is indescribable to have it wash over you.

The only fucked up thing this morning that was annoying was my dogs. Let my cat inside and they went fucking crazy, sniffing, chasing, barking. Up and down the halls, the basement all over the couch. Turns out my cat stinks like skunk! Fuck me!

I’ll have to deal with that shit later and hope my house doesn’t smell everywhere. Thankfully my dog was an idiot not too long ago and got sprayed. I have a supply of skunk shit, I just don’t have time right now.

It’s time to get my big ass motivated for work. Motivation is low, I don’t want to go to work.

What the Fuck Wednesday you are always so inconsistent, hopefully theres nothing else, I could use the break!

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7 thoughts on “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

  1. I’m gonna be completely honest I love WTF Wednesdays! And I’m so happy for you that he slept the entire night, I know and can relate when you said you couldn’t sleep because it wasn’t normal. Hopefully you can get some rest ! Xo ☕🌸✨

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      1. Yes!! it has been exhausting few days I can def relate. My kids are going back to school and I’ve been working too , so all the stress and rushing x

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      2. It’s better to keep them closer during these times.. where I live it’s not a option I had to sent both of my kids to school’ even if I don’t want to.

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