It’s Fuck It Friday!

This week I am doubling up my fuck its, one because I skipped it last week and two because it has been one hell of a fucking week!

I will not go in to detail but last night that storm came. I may have jinxed myself Wednesday saying it was way too calm to be normal. That it must be the calm before the storm. As last night definitely kicked up a shit storm I never thought I would deal with. I try to raise the kids to make smart choices but apparently last night was a big ass fail there.

Although, I can say there was responsibility taken for actions, lessons learned and truth. So maybe, just maybe I have done something right for that to happen. Fuck raising kids is hard. Even fucking harder some days.

So between work and kids this week I am saying fuck it to as much as I possibly can between today and Monday. I have no energy to do a fucking thing. I am drained and it is perfectly okay to say fuck it.

Friday is the day to just kick up the feet and forget there is too much other shit to get done and let go of it. Just let that unfinished whatever the fuck it might be sit there for a little while longer. It is a sanity saver honestly.

As a parent, wife, employee there is only so much anyone can do and I have done it.

Fuck it Friday has a list longer than my arm right now and I am okay with that. It is time to rejuvenate.

Hope you all have a wonderful Fuck it Friday, may your list bring you some relaxing, beautiful peace.

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