Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

The last couple of these I threw all my shit in your faces. This week I am not going to do that. Instead you get to read the crap poetry that spews out of my mouth. You lucky fuckers haha!

I wrote this one some time ago in the midst of a break down during my first knee surgery recovery.See, twice I had gone back to school and to no avail it seemed as though it was a useless feat.

The first time I went was after my youngest was born, during my pregnancy and raising five kids alone I got my high school education. Then I spent the next two years of his life struggling with six kids and got a diploma in Travel and Tourism, When I graduated from this the economy crashed and I have ended up never using it.

A couple years later, I went for my Health Care Aide Certification and I was striving to enter nursing school, which I was accepted, twice, but due to my knee was not able to accept. So with a blown knee this too seemed as though it was a useless endeavor.

Now I am not saying education is not worth it, it absolutely is fucking essential, but for whatever reason the universe has other plans for me. I just have not yet figured out what they are. Fucking bullshit, honestly, would be great if it just told me.

Anyway, I wrote this thinking of the things I have done and still feeling like I have failed or uselessly wasted my time.

Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve

If you would have gone to school
You could have learned a lot
The things you should have known

If you would have grown up quicker
You could have done more
The things you should have seen

If you would have got that job
You could have had more money
The things you should have bought

If you would have got married
You could have had those kids
The things you should have done

If you would have started sooner
You could have had it all
The things you should have grown

Would have could have should have
Is always in the past

It’s time to look towards the future
The world is in your hands

You will
You can
You should

The words you need to see

Time to start it now

Bring your life to full amounts

Stop looking back and look ahead

Life begins with this instead

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday!!! Be proud of all the shit you do!

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5 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

    1. Thank you for your kindness! I am very happy to hear you needed it. Sometimes a little reminder goes a lomg way and all the beautiful kind comments goes so far for me truly. There’s a song? I had no idea lol

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