It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Eh! What’s that you say? It’s What The Fuck Wednesday, Canada Day!

How fabulous is this shit eh? I am on a day off midweek, slept all fucking night until 8 am and I don’t even have to put a bra on.

There is some sort of behind the scene shit happening in order for this to have occured. Maybe it’s the universe giving me a break! Maybe it’s just from having been so drained from all the shit! Maybe there’s a new shit show fucking storm on the way!

Any which way it happens to end, I will bathe in the glory of a wonderful sleep in, no work, no bra day today. It’s like a fabulous Canada Day gift just special to me.

Currently, both boys are now up, there’s been minimal fighting as of yet, except the youngest who is yelling he is hungry but won’t go eat his food. But I have coffee, mmmmmm coffee. What could be better in life eh?

In my world nothing! Absofuckinlutely nothing! It’s fucking exciting shit eh!

Happy What The Fuck Wednesday, Canada Day!

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