It’s Fuck It Friday!

How in the fuck is another over and it when did it become July! It’s a rhetorical question don’t answer.

This week has been fucking weird. Having a day off midweek head made it seen so short but none the less I still say fuck it!

Fuck it to the shit I should’ve done. Fuck it that my kids sleep schedules suck.

All fucking week my one daughter has stayed up all night and slept all day despite my attempts. She is most entertaining when I wake up though.

This morning she came prancing out of her room, with a big “hhheeelllloooo mommy” and a shit eating grin. The other morning she was laying on the couch with the cat petting it and as I walked upstairs she looks me dead in the eye and says “we’ve been waiting for you” 😂😂😂 she kills me.

She always gives me a hug n kiss. Tells me loves me and then texts me after I leave for work that she hopes I have a good day with love and kissy faces. Sometimes my kids are pretty fucking awesome. Wonder if I have done that? Or….oh who am I kidding I’m totally taking credit for that shit. Lol

So kid just won’t sleep at night=fuck it. The fact I haven’t had time to clean this week=fuck it.

Friday=fuck it.

Don’t let people throw you down because you aren’t a perfect parent. Shit be proud of it! Rant it! You are perfectly imperfect and that’s perfectly fucking awesome.

Make your Fuck it list and send it to the wind! Happy Fuck It Friday!

Published by JN Supermom


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