It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Happy fucking hump day! Not far enough to be the weekend and just far enough it is not the beginning of the week. Today’s what the fuck comes to you from sleep deprived miserable kids, who don’t have a cord to continue being sleep deprived miserable shits.

Yesterday my daughter asked me to get her a new phone charger, aside from working all day, I had to go to an eye appointment after and cook supper, so did not have time to do that for her.

Holy fuck, if it was not the end of the world to her. She would not even look me in the eye and say hello. I woke to 15 text messages this morning from her, all about the charger she had to have.

I am sorry that working to pay for your shit, needing new glasses to be able to see to work and cooking supper to feed your ass was slightly more important than a fucking cord. NOT! I am not sorry I put those things first. WHY? because sometimes I am fucking important too and need to do shit for me so I can care for your ass’s.

That kid goes through a charging cord every fucking month. I dont know what the hell she is doing with them but that is as long as they last. The world doesnt end if a screen won’t turn on.

The world actually fucking starts off the screen. Outside in the beauty of nature, that is life. It is so unfortunate that kids do not see that now a days no matter how hard a parent tries.

I am okay with a pissed off, drama queen child, who is not able to be on a fucking screen all the time as she has no charger for the crap. Maybe she will find something more productive and beautiful to do. At least I can hope.

I am excited for the remainder of What the Fuck Wednesday to show me what it has in store. Maybe some of the other kids shit will die and they could play outside, find a passion in arts somewhere deep inside them and they will realise they don’t need that crap or maybe even do some chores and help their mama out?

Ohhhh wouldn’t that be something. I can fucking dream right? Cuz that is about all it seems to be. Haha. Come on universe make it pretty at least.

Happy What The Fuck Wednesday!

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7 thoughts on “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

  1. It would be awesome for us mom to know if or when they discover a new passion but these kids don’t want creating and learning new things it’s almost like we have to push em. But that’s why they have us moms to help guide them. And yes it’s so fucking hard doing that because they are always changing their minds! love this post!! xx

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    1. Right! Like what the fuck man! I can hope that it will change one day… technology has ruined childhoods in my opinion… like today it’s raining here when i grew up I’d be pale jumping mine i don’t think have ever except when babies 😔

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