Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

As promised I am going to share portions of entries and bio’s of those who submit to my LGBTQ+ Anthology to highlight the authors.

This is the very first submission to my project and I am so very excited to share some of it!

DEAN BACKUS is the solo author or co-author of over eleven plays, one of which (“Thus With A Kiss”) was runner-up for Best Play at the 1993 Seattle New Playwright’s festival, and another of which won Best Play at the 1996 San Francisco Fringe Festival (“Is This Seat Taken?”). Other play titles produced in Seattle, Tacoma, Berkeley and San Francisco include Him, “Jumping the Broom” (co-scr., BATA winner), “Alec in Wonderland,” “The Vampers,” “The P.A. Cooley Show “(co-scr.), “You, You & You” (co-scr.), “Sexy Shorts” (co-scr.), “The Duboce Triangle: A Gay Soap Opera (But Isn’t That Redundant?)”(co-scr.), and “Pure.” His work in San Francisco has been staged at the Alcazar, the Exit, the Shelton, Theater Rhinoceros, the New Conservatory, and Josie’s Cabaret. Other plays include “Boomerang” and “The Isosceles Heart.” He has completed four screenplays currently in various stages of development in Hollywood: “Darts and Flowers,”” Unaccompanied,” “Big Pimpin’” and “Lily & Finn.” He is the author of numerous award-winning short stories, one of which appeared in Alyson’s 1998 anthology “Wilma Loves Betty,” and was featured in the book “Gay Marriage Real Life” (2006) by Michelle Bates Deakin. He has also worked as an award-winning essayist (Frontiers magazine), poet (“Just Like Matthew,” a tribute to Matthew Shepard), lyricist, and filmmaker, and has recently adapted Darts and Flowers into a novel. He resides outside of Portland, Oregon with his partner, Jonathan. Coffee is his friend.

His piece entitled “One Small Step For….” is beautifully written and played with all my heart strings. Below I have chosen an exert for all to enjoy.

“One Small Step For….” by Dean Backus.

“during those early Stonewall years America was growing and evolving just as I was: people were trying to figure out “the new rules.” How To Be. What To Believe In. Our ideas about gender-specified behavior were being given a strong shake-up: virile young men sat down in the streets and announced they would not go to war, while their sisters, wives, and girlfriends picked up signs and banners stating that they could do anything just as well as men, if not better. These radical notions meant little to me at the time, being just three years old; their long-term effects, however, are still being felt today. The belief that “one’s origins meant nothing in America”–anyone could grow up to be a tycoon or president, no matter what their background–was about to be taken to its logical end: Our Possibilities Are Endless. It (theoretically) did not matter what your class, ethnicity, sex, religion, or sexual orientation was, You Mattered. Moreover, You Could Triumph, especially when you and your friends mobilized into protest groups.”

To read Dean’s full submission? Well you’ll just have to wait! Lol.

If you wish to be a part of this project please visit the submissions page. It is a non profit LGBTQ+ Anthology that will be published in paperback March 26, 2021.

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