It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Well shit! another mid week hump that is not doing me right. This week has been doing me since the start of it.

After a great weekend and a good sleep Sunday. Monday kicked me in the ass when my daughter called having a breakdown crying as the two youngest terrorized her with their bullshit. They were beating the shit out of each other, getting into everything and ignored every word she said as if she did not fucking exist.

That meant this mama had to drop work and come home to figure out what to do with the shitheads. I tell you the minute I walked in the door their faces dropped, and all I heard was it wasn’t me, it was him, no it wasn’t, it was you and blah blah fucking blah. I did not give two shits who did what as it was both of them.

With their ADHD and shit they can be absolutely crazy and feed off each other making things very difficult. Luckily their support kicks in and I now have someone coming three times a week to work with them. fingers crossed she survives them.

Today is her first day with them and it is a Wednesday! Poor, poor, soul, good luck hunny. I am rooting for you.

Yesterday, work kicked my ass hard, it was busy as fuck! Then get home, cook, clean and my dog ripped open the garbage outside. Her face is now dyed purplish red where it was white as my hair dye box was in the bag fuuucccckkkk! on top of that the youngest refused to eat, then bedtime was a gong show. I ditched my husband and left him to deal with that haha. Yes, I am a bitch like that.

Today? well, it has barely started, I am exhasuted and ready to go back to bed even though I have just woke up. At this point I can only hope that shit goes right. Please universe let things fucking go right and calm today!

I need a break from all the what the fucks of why is this happening, how the fuck did that happen, and when the fuck will things slow down.

What do you need a break from on this wonderful What The Fuck Wednesday?

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