Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

This Saturday is more of just a random little fiction story I wrote based on my boys. I called him fidgety Frank!

Much like my little shits who can never sit still fidgety Frank has a hell of a time doing it too and joins his mom for dinner outside the house.

Ahh yes, dinners out, this pretty much sums up every aspect of how it goes when we venture to a public feasting ground.

Fidgety Frank Goes to Dinner

Franks mom knew it was going to be hard. Frank never sat still long enough to finish anything.
He was always rocking, squirming and full of energy that had no escape.
“Frank it is time to go for dinner” his mom said as she packed her bag.
“Okay,” Frank said, as he bounced through the house.
Ten minutes later Frank got himself dressed.
Arms swinging as high as they can reach.
“Mom come on, we have to hurry, let’s go”
“Okay, no need to yell”.
Looking forward to a dinner out. Frank bolted out the door.
Hopping up into the car Frank buckled tight and they headed off for a great time.
Shifting, kicking, tapping the door.
“Please sit still we are almost there”.
As they pulled up and got out, the excitement in Frank was bursting.
Running, pulling, and leading his mom into the restaurant.
“Frank I’m coming, please calm down”
“Follow me” the server said. “Do you prefer a booth or table?”
Jumping up and into the booth, Frank did not wait for his mom to answer.
Frank began sliding from one end of the seat to the other.
“I’m finding the perfect part of the bench”
With a slight giggle “Frank it’s the same all the way across”
Looking at the menu of choices Frank flipped it from side to side, upside down and backwards.
“I am trying to find the right angle, to see what looks best”
Franks mom looked right at him “How about a burger and fries, you like those”
“Yeah that’s good” Frank grinned.
As he waited for his food to come, Frank got fidgety again.
He tapped his fork, his knife and spoon on his glass.
“I’m making music like the tune?”
“It is pretty loud,” his mom explained.
He kicked, he knocked, he blew bubbles in his pop.
“I’m a one boy band, think I will make it big?”
“You can be anything you want Frank” as she smiled at him.
He clapped, he slid, he hid under the table.
“I’m a dragon in his den, come save me,” he yelled.
“I bet the dragon is hungry, the knights are serving us now”.
“Quick get up here”
Reluctant to do it, Frank came back up.
As he sat with his food Frank picked up a fry.
“It’s a spaceship, it can fly”
“How about that ship flies into its cave, that is where you can keep it safe.”
Frank had ships, planes, trains and cars.
But he ate all his food and his mom was proud.
“Can we do this again mom?” he said out loud.
“Of course, we can but not for a while”. Franks mom was tired from it all.

Wow can you tell that shit is fiction? I definitely can, in real life it’s more like get your ass back up here, if you don’t sit still we are fucking leaving, eat your food or its coming home for breakfast!

Yes I know, I do not write kids books for obvious reasons and the above is a key little story as to why, it may not be great but I love to just write and I love to write things that are based on my life and my kids.

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

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