It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

That’s right people! Mid week bullshit is in the works! Yay fucking hump day where all the what the fucks come to out play.

This day is starting out fanfuckintastic lol. Kid sleeping on the couch, other kids havent slept yet and I am going to be late for work.

Not because I slept in, have car trouble or can’t get there.

I’m going to be late because my youngest is completely out of his ADHD meds and there is no chance in the depths of hell I can ignore that.

The scenarios under him not being medicated for the day are all outcomes of somebody not surviving. It would either be him, the babysitter or one of his siblings not making it through the day. Then I would get the dreaded phone call at work to come home again and most likely bring at least one of them to the hospital.

We already did the rough, I can’t fucking do this, come home babysitting last week. Soooo yeah not fucking happening!

Just got the email now, I am waitlisted for school, fuck, # 9 on that list. Is it wrong for me to hope people drop out? I mean I think everyone should educate, I just would like to do it this year. *Sigh*

Ohhhhh yay, an email from the education board, kids go back for September! Fuck yeah! This mama is setting a countdown for that shit! Now if people in my city could just get their shit together around spreading covid 19, cases have doubled here in a very short time. My kids need to go back to school. I am not a fucking teacher. I fucking fail at the education my kids need. Please for the sanity of parents pull your heads out of your ass’s.

What The Fuck Wednesday? Any other shit you want to throw at me at 6 am? Or are you good until later today?

It’s also my three year anniversary! I know, I agree, it’s crazy that someone actually married my ass and he has dealt with my bullshit for almost 10 years now! Happy Anniversary XOX

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