Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Well hello to the day I wake up and share some random amount of something to highlight my work! Today I am not really sure what to share, book, anthology, or poetry. What crap shall I toss around the internet hmmmmmm?

Let me count the amount in my folders, one, two, three, skip those few, ten, eleven ohhhhhhhhh.

There’s the one……News!

As the words echoed through the phone
I stopped listening, my mind went alone

Memories flashed of it all
The hurt, the pain, the love I felt

Like a heavy dark cloud above my head
The words rang through and out instead

How can this be, how can you choose
I cannot imagine being in your shoes

We weren’t perfect, nothing is
How unfair you decided this

To walk this path all alone
Don’t do that, don’t turn to stone

They have every right to know
To want to be there when you go

Don’t allow your fear of all this
Force regrets upon their bliss

They loved you then, now and always will
Even after you cannot tell them still

If not for you, then for them
Allow them to love you to the end

We all too often fear what’s to come, we choose to push away those who care because of our fears. Don’t allow what you have left become stolen time. Missed chances and opportunities, it is those left behind that feel the guilt of it.

Let them love you, especially in the darkest parts of life, so they can learn to enjoy the light.

Much love all. Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday ❤❤

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