It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Well well, the tip top hump of the week has finally showed itself. Have you ever just woke up from sleep and automatically thought wtf was that? Then as you walk through your house everything you see is just like wtf? how? when? who?

It’s like clue! How fun! let us figure this out shall we!

Eyes open five am, ugh, I do not even need to fucking be awake yet but here I am. I attempted to roll back over and ignore the world of consciousness since I have not slept a lot and let me just say heavy fucked up dreams to go with it. Anyway, roll out of bed, robe, up the stairs.

Back door, open, again, for the third day in a fucking row. I swear I close and lock my doors every night. Pretty sure I am even a little OCD and do it a few times. All kids in bed then I go to bed. hhhmmmm, I wonder?

Kitchen junk drawer, wide open, shit all over the counter and floor. What the fuck, there is literally only fucking junk in it, for real odds and ends of crap. I should clean it out. hhmmm did someone break into my house to rummage my junk drawer?

Front closet, shoes all pulled out, there is like a hundred pair cuz you know I have a shit ton of kids, reusable bags thrown everywhere, old purses, jackets, hats and the like that just gets crammed up in there for storage. Was this person who came in the back door and ravaged the junk drawer now in need of shoes, coat and a purse?

Why would someone three days in a row break in and do such a thing, oh shit! Maybe I should go count kids just to make sure they are here and sleeping.

Room one, boys, phew, room two, boys, phew, room three, girls, oh thank god, room four, youngest, oh good he is here too, wait a minute. The floor is covered in, reusable bags, old wallets, random screwdrivers, papers, pens, oh for fuck sakes!

That little shit has been getting up throughout the night, opening the doors and looking for things to get into ugh! For three fucking days, I dunno what he has been looking for but I do know I have to invest in more melatonin. the house ran out about three days……..oh shit! Putting that on today’s pick up list for sure!

See that was fun, right? Just like clue. Except it is real life with kids!

Happy What The Fuck Wednesday!

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