It’s Fuck It Friday!

Whoot, whoot, chug-a-chugga…. hop on the Fuck It Friday train! The most fucking fabulous day of the week. Let’s fuck it!

What a fucking week this has been. It is a colossal of fuck it’s coming your way.

There’s a fucking heat wave! No joke, it has been so hot where I am that I am so not enjoying it. My house has no air conditioning and the fan just circulates the same temperature all the fucking time. No way to cool off=fuck it, I am most likely going to lay spread eagle, almost naked (my kids frown upon me being nude), on my couch, fan blowing right up in there just to survive. Sorry, not sorry, I have no shame in that with the weather right now.

Sleep deprived in the days passed and the days to come, who needs sleep anyway? Well? Actually I do, I love my sleep, but since it seems to elude me a lot lately I rely on naps. No Sleep=fuck it, taking some time just to be down, even if it is not an actual sleep, this bitch is taking a fucking fake nap, where I pretend the world does not exist and ignore it all.

Emotions running full force, what the fuck is going on there? No it is not my usual hormonal monthly cycle. Although that may play a minimal part at some point ugh! It is the heart breaking, not knowing what to do next and trying to do everything at the same time. Fucking exhausting! Fucking emotions=fuck it, I will keep that shit flowing until it cannot flow any more.

Days upon days of crying, when life throws me not just one lemon, but a fuck ton bucket of the bitches, what do I do? Well, obviously I fucking cry like a little bitch and start a lemonade stand. There is times I just can’t do it alone and that is okay with me. Lemons=fuck it, I am surrounding myself with loved ones and sharing the bitter shit. It has sweetened it just enough to be bearable.

Ditching the job to ensure I am there. Oh yeah this has been fucking fun, especially since my kids are the typical ages of assholeism. No job=fuck it, when them babies need me I am there and they are my priority. Also yeah, yeah, assholeism, probably is not a real word but whatever. This is my blog, I can write however I want.

Which brings me to the next, When I haven’t had a single fucking sale of the shit I spew out, pour my every extra moment and income into in over a month, so fucking depressing. It goes along with words of others who may try to tell me it is not worth it. Nay sayers=fuck it, I am going to write that shit anyway, I know I don’t do it for others, fame or fortune but for me. So I am letting them fingers dance along the keyboard and getting it out.

So life is not always the way I want it, I especially know that at this moment it is not the way I want it but fuck it, fuck it all!

I will always continue to raise my kids, write my swears and do whatever it takes to move forward. Move forward, even just that one tiny little fucking millimetre at a time.

Ahhhhh Fuck It Friday, I do so very much enjoy saying fuck everything on this day. Do you want to say fuck it to something with me? Leave your Fuck It Friday below. Trust me you will feel at least a little better.

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