It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Happy hump day to you…happy hump day to you! Happy fucking hump day to everyone….happy hump day tooooooo youuuuuu. You and I both know you just sang that shit in your head with the happy birthday tune! hahahahaha you’re welcome!

It is what the Wednesday and I am starting by having slept in,wtf? ut it was after falling alseep around two am or so snuggled up with the nine year old boy on the couch. Again for the second night in a row. My poor boy has had some rough nights, crying, nightmares and needing lots of extra love.

Now you might be asking why so late? No? Well that doesn’t fucking matter as I am going to say anyway.

Bedtime rolls around last night 9 pm, get them all in bed, even the older ones. One at a fucking time they slowly crept out of their rooms for something. Slowly I kick them all to bed again so I can get the boy to sleep, 1030 pm rolls around all is quiet, dogs want out, ugh. Ok grab my smokes, head out with dogs, I was gone maybe five fucking minutes, it was not very long.

Come back in, every fucking kid was in the kitchen, I mean all of them, they pulled out, veggies n dip, crackers, nuts you name it, if it was snacky they were fucking eating it. “Oh hey mom we are having a snack party” I swear my eyes must’ve bugged out of my head when I said this “are you fucking kidding me, it is nearly 11 at night! and what the fuck is a snack party?”

Well apparently it’s where they all just eat every fucking thing they can find and chat and giggle and keep each other up. This “snack party” went on until nearly fucking midnight! Although I was exhausted from running on four hours of sleep max it was nice to see them all get along and I was able to catch up with the teenagers as I dont see them much.

But for real them little shits need to learn to eat at regular fucking times, ok all back in bed, me n baby boy snuggling, watching a show on the couch. So not comfortable, my couch is hard, skinny and short and my sons body is like a fucking furnace, with this heat already it was making me sweat puddles.

Two am rolls around gotta take the dogs out and use the bathroom, I am not sure who has the fucking smaller bladder honestly, my five pound horkie, twenty pound collie or me. It is ridiculous how much the three us go. Take dogs out, just as I was walking back in the door, I hear “mom, mom, mom, mooommmmm”

Come up the back stairs through the kitchen, daughter is in the bathroom yelling for me, she needed help, but locked the fucking door. Ugh! Thank the fucking husband when he chose handles the other year when we replaced the doors he chose ones you can just use a knife or coin to unlock from the outside.

I mean it really fucking sucks having those handles when you’re the parent and trying to lock yourself away to hide but they are beneficial when the kids lock them and then yell for help. There was nothing fucking wrong, she literally just had a question! Yes a fucking question that apparently could not wait until she was out of there. I am going to fucking have to work on their rankings of imporatance I think.

And all of that is why I am starting my day late! Ugh, the boys worker comes today too and I just fucking hope the boys don’t kill her being miserable little shits from not sleeping! I am sooooo sorry lady, I really did try to get them to sleep, good luck to you today!

Well gotta get my fucking ass going for the remainder of this What The Fuck Wednesday, coffee lots of fucking is on the docket, any one wanna bring me some?

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2 thoughts on “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

  1. The snack party! Omg, my family does this too. And I’m sitting there like, “wtf? The whole brushing your teeth, going to bed, why the fuck does that lead to snack party??”

    As to running on lack of sleep…hope everyone settles in the next few days and you can drink your caffeine because you want it, not ‘cause you need it.

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    1. Yeah I am not sure how either but it does make sense why their toothpaste runs out so quickly 😂 not that is bad thing…yup I want coffee about to go pour a cup or two three…..mmmmmmm coffee

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