Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

My weekend tradition of getting up early and promoting my crap has arrived! It’s always such a good time sharing something.

As a person who grew up in small towns in the mountainous valley’s I very much miss it. I never wanted to raise my kids in the fucking city but as luck would have it I have had to.

This piece is about getting old, ill, selling a childhood home and having to leave behind a town that is loved while looking for the good in the situation.

For Sale

Today marks the end of a road
I’ve raised my family and grown old

As my health falls short of what I need
I must now say goodbye and leave

As I watch the sun kiss the mountain prairies
It’s a bitter sweet end to the life I carried

A place built of love, blood, sweat and tears
A new life chapter suddenly appears

I never thought this day would come
The one where I must give this to someone

Falling for this place was very easy
The beauty captured me ever so deeply

Today when I look around
Fond memories in my head are found

Even though my eyes well up
My heart is full, no empty cup

I know the next one will love it as much
And fill these halls with laughter and such

For they can raise their little ones
In a town you can know everyone

I do hope to return to my small towns one day. Do you have a favorite place you had to leave? I have a couple and love visiting. Someone take me back to the mountains.

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday! Got something to share? Drop that shit below.

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