It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Happy fucking midweek not yet the weekend but the beginning of the week is over! My least favoruite day of the week, I dont know why but this is the most day of every week ever! So here we go.

It has actually been a fairly quiet week for me, what the fuck man, I worry about what storm is going to crash into my life as the calm has been decent.

Aside from the fact that I have no job and the days just meld into one very long one most the time, I have been lucky. My boy is back sleeping by himself for now, the youngest has made huge strides with his worker and the teenagers haven’t got themselves into any new shit lately.

It is actually nice to have a break from all the shit that has happened lately. I find myself in the garage a lot making random driftwood art to pass the time and I fucking love it. I have never been the type of mom to be a stay at home one. It drives me crazy not working, I love my kids but they drive me fucking crazy except, right now I find myself enjoying it.

It definetly helps having someone come three times a week to work with the youngest two who are more than a handful and that I have found something I very much enjoy doing outside of my writing. It is good to be diverse in life.

So here is to a what the fuck wednesday that is enjoyable. I cannot believe I just typed that shit what the fuck. I am going to have coffee and bathe in this shit today.

Hope your hump day doesn’t hump you the wrong way!

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