It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

For real what the fuck? How is it Wednesday already? Where the fuck has the time gone?

Days just keep on coming and going like nothing. Well most of them anyway. Some of them at like horrid little nightmares that just never seem to end lol.

The youngest with his many, many f-bombs yesterday was one of those days where I ask myself is it fucking over yet? He dropped way more than I ever use. I know hard to believe but when he gets annoyed with his siblings there is no fucking stopping him.

The house is quiet still, there’s no kids awake. Something is disturbingly wrong I tell you. There’s nobody up annoying me, making noise, yelling, screaming, fighting or crying. Hmmm what the fuck is going on?

The nine year old boy is tossing on the couch, cuddling a pillow again though, since his time wanting to sleep with me I find him there every morning. Poor boy needs a break, he’s having a rough go lately.

Now although my days have been fairly decent since being home, my nights have been filled with dreams of horrible situations. So even on nights the kids sleep, I do not lately, there’s no winning. So coffee it is!

My girlfriend gave me a sample of Thrive, it’s a patch you wear with vitamins n shit but as a person sensitive to new things I have yet to try it. Maybe I’ll give that shit a go!

Oh what the fuck Wednesday, your inconsistent antics have got me slightly on edge for what’s to come. Can’t wait to see how the day plays out when the shitheads open their eyes!

Have a happy hump day, may it be less what the fuck for all.

Published by JN Supermom


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