It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Another week come and gone. Another fucking mid week hump day begins. Man time is just fucking flying by!

So much so this mama didn’t fucking realize school starts this coming Tuesday fuuuccckkk!

I have been hard at work making fabric masks since yesterday which is actually way harder than I thought it would be. I am getting it though. They may not be perfect but my kids are just going to lose the fucking things anyway after maybe one or two uses so whatever. I am not about to spend ten bucks a piece on something I can fucking do myself.

My oldest son – who is now 17 – when I asked if he was in need of a couple said no.

The little shit thinks he can get away without them at school. Man is he sorely mistaken and our conversation brought up one of the most what the fuck moments ever in my life!

Me: You will end up being sent home if you don’t wear them.

Son: Yay, a free vacation.

Me: Don’t you fucking dare this is your last year of school, get it done!

Son: Thank gawd, I know, I will.

Me: I am so sad about this, where has the years gone.

Son: To raising me for 17 years, hey did you know I am the age now you were when you had me?

Me: What The Fuck!!!

He was not completely accurate on the age I was 18 when I got pregnant with him and five weeks after I turned 19 had him but he was close enough. When I had him people told me I should put him up for adoption, give him away or should never have had him as I was too young.

Now, for real my oldest boy is almost at the age of when I began having kids. He is about to graduate, to become an adult and he is an amazing fucking kid!

How the fuck did this happen? When did this fucking happen? I am very saddened as well as in awe of this pointed out fucking revelation.

This what the fuck Wednesday is going to be sewing and figuring out the answers and probably crying. Yup crying, this mama is going to mourn the fact he is nearing leaving.

Have your kids pointed out anything recently? Leave a comment with it if they have made you what the fuck life!

Happy What The Fuck Wednesday! Bring on the rest of the day!

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