Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

I am beyond excited to again share a portion of a submission and author bio I received for my non-profit LGBTQ+ Anthology project.

JULIA STRANGE a wife and mother of two, obtained a background in New Media Design and Photography. Julia learned growing up in a small town in Alberta that we all come from the depths of some hell; crawling out is what we make it. Her journey from youth to adulthood changed her ideas of who she was, who she wanted to be and even what she needed.

Her piece entitled “Finding Strange, A Journey Of Love” is sad, beautiful, loving, and hopeful. It is about, loss, finding oneself, becoming comfortable with who you are and ultimately being willing to show who you are when you’re ready and in love.

An exert from “Finding Strange, A Journey Of Love”…… Julia Strange.

“It was not until years later that I started to pick myself up again. I tried to date men, but a male companion type relationship was not what I was seeking. I kept getting myself into the circles of abusive relationships. It was a few years later I vowed to look after me, get back on my feet, focus on me. I did not plan to meet anybody when she walked into my life.
Her sandy blonde hair, those eyes you could get lost in, and a smile and laugh that made my heart sing. I found it funny how I met this angel. I started to talk to a guy I met out at coffee, a few weeks later he took me to a party. Yeah, I thought he was trying to pick me up, come on who wouldn’t he was good looking but I was not into finding a new guy. I broke the news to him, yep, friend zone, sorry dude. He quickly told it was not him that was interested in me; it was his friend, Cindy. Well, shit, that explained to me why she was always around.
It did not shock me at all just made me nervous as I had always hid how I felt about women. Growing up, my parents always told me it should be man and woman, not women and women, nor a man with man. It was a sin, wrong, disgusting. It was still very unacceptable in the public eyes. I knew many same-sex couples while growing up away from home, and every one of them hid the fact they were together. 
Cindy was incredibly open, and I loved that about her. I was at the stage of my life that I said, “fuck people’s opinions,” they do not like something about me it is their downfall. Even though I felt this way, I could not act on it. Still, to this day, I shy away from situations where people can judge me.
She asked me to be her partner, and I jumped at it. A week into the relationship, I was like, “what the fuck did I do?” It was not the relationship……”

Want to find out how this story finishes? The anthology comes out in March 2021. Submissions are open and ongoing until November 2020.

We all have a story to tell, our own story, in our own words. I would love for you take part in this beautiful non-profit project.

Visit my submissions page for information about how to submit. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Much love to all ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

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