It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

WOOOOOOO EEEEEEE! It is what the fuck Wednesday and hitting strong, you know those mornings when you had a really good one the day before getting kids to school and you wake up thinking fuck yeah! I got this shit down pat? Yup me too, but what the fuck hump day, I don’t like how you did me.

It started out good, really it did, I woke the boys, woke the girls, woke the oldest boys had one cup of coffee in me. I was feeling great. Until they started feeding off each other. Let me tell you they are like little parasites when this starts. One says something, then the next, then the next and before you know it……ugh!

I had the youngest one eating, the second youngest getting dressed, the others in the kitchen arguing.

And there’s me, right in the middle, turning from one side to the next to answer questions, diffuse arguments, eating reminders, get dressed, take your pills, don’t do that, do you have this?, do you have that?, where’s your crap? and it was on and fucking on for the hour before we left.

Picture being placed in the middle of the room, the room is filled with people wall to wall, everyone of them has something to say, at the same fucking time.

Brush your hair, I can’t find my brush……

Stop bugging him, hes eating, no he isnt……

Start eating you’re runnng out of time, I cant, you can you just need to do it……

Where’s your clothes, uhhh over here, get them on…….

Don’t scream, why are you screaming, leave the dogs alone……

Mom who’s taller, who cares are you ready for school……

Whos taller, no I cant find…….

I’m taller, no I am, holy fuck you’re tall, no you’re short…….

All of them together no moms short! We are all taller than her, yes that was my morning, they aren’t completely wrong I am fucking short but there is still two kids in this house shorter me as of yet. So to end this we all measured, I must say they are all pretty tall kids and it does not come from me.

Alright, get your shit on, get out the door, get in the car, three schools to distribute their ass’s and home.

Coffee, silence, breathe! Yes breathe, fuck me, it is only day two of this, maybe tomorrow I will win this shit.

What the fuck Wednesday, it is not even ten in the morning and I am ready for bed.

How has your mornings been going? It’s ok if it sucks, you got this shit, one day at a time!

Published by JN Supermom


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