It’s Fuck It Friday!

Let us all come together, stand up and say….. fuck it!

The day of the week where all fucks to give have run out, there’s no more in the bottom of the magical basket sooooooo fuck it!

If you haven’t completed those tasks you still need to do today is not the day for that shit. Just give it a little toss, don’t go all fucking crazy making a big mess now, you know you’ll have to clean that shit up later, so just toss it with a big ass fuck it.

Let me count my fuck its for this beautiful Friday.

The last week I have been trying to book my son’s driver’s test. He turns 16 on the 15th, it is fucking impossible right now. They are so far behind and limited on spots there’s been nothing. So He was to stay up until midnight for when they open the new day in November. Well 4:30 am rolls around and I’m up, fuck it I went to lay on the couch. All of a sudden there’s the teenager, turning lights on and rummaging for something. I ignored, then he comes up with laptop, “Mom I need your help”. “Fuck, for what?” Turns out he found an opening for his test, so I said fuck it, took the laptop and booked that shit.

Laundry has been piling up, although it never fucking ends, with school back in it seems to be worse. They change their clothes more times a day than I can fucking count. Fuck it, they can do that shit this weekend.

The nice thing about them being back in school is there’s less dishes daily, the downfall, I have to go to the grocery store a whole lot more, I keep minimal in the house so I’m not throwing shit out all the time when they aren’t here to eat twenty four seven. Fuck it, they aren’t going to starve to do death today, groceries can wait a day.

I have been trying to catch up on sleep, haha, that shit isn’t happening so fuck it, I am officially taking an all day nap mode. That’s right nothing will be accomplished!

Well the list for Fuck It Friday is started, I’m sure this bitch is going to get longer throughout the day!

Everyone should have a fuck it list, it’s like a weight is lifted off when you just say fuck it! Drop it if you got it!

Now bring on the coffee!!!!

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