It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Dun dun dah, dun dun dah, dundundun dundundun, dun dun dah!!! If you figured out that tune you are well on your way to the what the fuck Wednesday’s theme! Haha! I’m joking it is not near scary enough for the start of a Wednesday. It’s just what popped into my head *shoulder shrug*

Well I thought it might be a decent one, I had high fucking hopes, with all the fuckery going on something has to give.

Those hopes were shattered, that’s right! Into a million little pieces I saw my happy bubble burst like a kids balloon at the fair. *sigh*

I had not yet woke the kids when hubby came upstairs to head to work and made it known the little assholes had been up until at least two am. I honestly slept through the shit but he didn’t.

Yay!!! Waking and getting going should be fun this morning, ohhhhh so much fucking fun!

Wake one, who yells he cannot see cuz the light is too bright. Wake another who also says he cannot see, as he has his blanket wrapped around his head. Finally get them up for the tenth time as they continue to fall asleep.

Pills in, breakfast poured, clothes changed, one goes back to sleep again. The other sits at the table spitting food onto the floor for the dogs to snack on! Fucking nasty!

Then he decides the dog needs a ride across the floors by the tail. I have the most fucking patient animals ever to deal with the shit the youngest puts them through. It is not from lack of trying to keep him in line, it is just him being the way he is before the meds kick in. The countdown is fucking on for that!

Got that shit dealt with and he decides to run through the house pants around his ankles with the dog trailing behind nipping at them. I am just waiting for her to get a good grip and him to go flying face first onto the hardwood. It wont take long, she is a hearding dog, this should be interesting.

Ugh, is there enough coffee for this shit? Probably not! But today I am headed to a tattoo shop for placement of my next piece and that is what’s pushing me through the morning chaos today!

Yay, pain therapy, oh how I need you so very much right now.

This has been another edition of What The Fuck Wednesday! What The Fuck! Enjoy your hump day!

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