It’s Fuck It Friday!

Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, look at my fucks gooooooo!!!! Do you see them? They are rip rizzling down the road as fuck it Friday begins.

The day of the week, they all get dropped onto everything, no matter what that shit is.

Although this week has been fairly calm compared to others in recent past, I am still saying fuck it to everything today! Why? Well because I can and love doing it. Also, I said fuck it to fuck it Friday last week, have to make up for that one.

This morning my dogs were assholes, barking at fucking nothing, I am not sure what their issue was. I was hoping to sleep in, but fuck it! I will make a nice cup o’ java and watch the sun rise. It is so beautiful and quiet right now I will get to enjoy the shit.

My kids have had yet another short week of school as parent teacher interviews were on the board yesterday and today. I already did mine, I’m pretty sure they weren’t speaking of my children though. It pretty much was them telling me how sweet, kind, loving and attentive they are. I call bullshit on it but in good nature I said fuck it, I will play along and thank them for thinking I’ve done a wonderful job raising respectful kids who care for others as we all know kids are very different for others than they are for us.

I have literally accomplished nothing this week. Not a single fucking thing! I feel kind of guilty about it but in reality I’ve said fuck it. There are times my body tells me just to fucking stop and chill. I listen to it! All the unimportant shit I think I have to do can wait, I need to take a fucking break.

I sold six books last night, pretty sure that’s a record for one day of sales for me. It was to people I know and for some reason they now want them signed. I tried to tell them my signature is not worth shit but fuck it, I will indulge in their request because it makes feel like a real author. There’s nothing better than sales, signing and reviews to make you feel legitimately accomplished. Except maybe interviews, those are fanfuckintastic.

Recap? Dogs suck=fuck it, java! Teachers wrong=fuck it, take the compliment! Accomplished nothing=fuck it, there’s tomorrow! Useless signature wanted=fuck it, feel famous! Yeah that sums the shit up nicely. Now back to my java sunrise!

Happy fuck it Friday! Drop a fuck it below, don’t be shy, it’s good for your soul.

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