Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Well it is official, I need to start writing new shit!

Recent events have me thinking a lot about my babies, how they always need to know I will be there, they need to feel loved through every turn in life and need to never feel alone.

I have no title for this piece but I think it sums up a parents love quite fucking perfectly no matter the age of them.

I wish i could take it all away, the things you feel these dark days. The hurt the pain the uncertainties, things in life that do not please. Since I cannot I’ll be there for you, wiping away every tiny tear. Listening fully to what you need to say, the fears that just won’t go away. I will hold you tight in my arms, you can rest here I know it’s hard. It won’t always feel like this, I promise you that with a kiss. Days will be good and days will bad, you’re allowed to feel happy, angry, or sad. Don’t forget I’m right here, you’re not alone my sweet baby, my dear.

Although children can be the most resilient little creatures, they can also silently suffer as many of us do. Let them know, feel and understand your love is has no coming end.

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday! Spread the fucking love!!

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