Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Another week come and gone! How the fuck is time flying by so fast?

Yesterday was a non fuck it, fuck it Friday! I had so much shit that I had to do. I was on the go from first thing in the morning until six pm when I passed out on the couch snoring like a mother fucker!

But…. on the plus side it is a new day and I’ve got a nice little poem. This was written for my boys who are always a struggle to get to school for one reason or another.

No, no, no!

Night went by and morning came
Mommy says “it’s time to wake”

With my eyes half open I yell to her
“No no no just go away”

Mommy says “you can’t stay,
School time my little babe”

Rolling over I bury my face, I yell to her “No no no I want to sleep”

Mommy says “get up get changed,
Time to dress in something clean”

Not looking at my clean clothes, I yell to her “No no no Those dont fit”

Mommy says “time to eat, feed that brain before you leave”

Without a thought I yell too her “no no no I do not want that”

Mommy says “ok that’s fine, I’ll send it with you just this time”

But I don’t want to take it either, I yell to her ” no no no, thats just gross”

Mommy says “ok let’s go, coat, bags, shoes and out the door”

But that just doesn’t work for me, I yell to her “no no no leave me be”

Mommy says “school starts soon, we can not be late”

But I don’t want to go, I yell to her “no no no I am staying home”

When I get there I am not ok, I yell to her “no no no I love you stay”

Mommy says “you’ll be alright, time to learn and be polite”

I just want to go back home, I scream and cry “no no no don’t leave me alone”

Mommy says “there’s lots here for you, you will have fun and learn lots too”

Mommy sits and waits with me, until I’m ready for her to leave.

I wipe my tears and strut my stuff, off to class is a must.

I might arrive just a little late but the teacher says it is ok.

I find my desk and take a seat and the day goes by very quickly.

The days usually suck to get them there but they always chill out and enjoy it. Thank gawd is a weekend though and I don’t have to deal with that shit today!

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

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