It’s Fuck It Friday!

Get the fuck its’ rolling, like the river flowing through the tree covered mountains. Let them go, watch life get just a little bit better releasing that shit!

My all time favorite day of the week, where saying fuck it never gets old and the finger never tires of being flipped.

This last week I have been preparing to head out of town with the 3 youngest babies. A fourteen hour car ride with two adhd boys, my daughter and my very good friend who is coming to help drive. Thank fucking gawd if I had to go it alone I may not survive lol. Still my nerves have been on the edge, I have not gone anywhere alone in ten years, wish us luck as we embark and fuck it to my nerves being a bitch! I am a big beautiful badass bitch and can fucking do anything. (My daily pep talk haha)

The youngest this morning has been a bit of an asshole, he wedged himself in the couch and yelled he is hungry while his food sits on the table. I am about to say fuck it and leave him there until he decides to get out. He isn’t really stuck he is just doing it to be a shithead.

My house could use a fucking pressure wash cleaning before I leave. Not that I haven’t really kept up with it but walls n shit need a good scrub. Fuck it, I won’t be here to see it so whatever!

I have been procrastinating packing, all fucking week, the kids are packed but I am not. If I could say fuck it I would but if I do I’m going naked. Hhmmm, maybe I wont pack haha! Yeah right, nobody wants to see that shit, fuck it, I will pack.

Once it is done I am so taking a nap, kids have no school and there will be nothing left to get ready. So fuck it, this bitch needs sleep.

I’m open to tips for this upcoming road trip if anyone has some, drop them, if not fuck it, I’ll figure that shit out along the way.

Have a wonderful fuck it Friday. Do something that makes you happy but uncomfortable it’ll be worth it!

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