It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

It is the mid week hump, doing me the wrong way again. Not terribly so far, just certain aspects.

I can tell it is this day as my sleep sucked ass and I feel ready for bed already. I’ve only just opened my eyes too.

I’ve been staying out in the country in Manitoba since Saturday, I fucking love it here. The family set up a huge camper trailer for the kids and I just down the property. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Last night I was out there watching movies with the boys and in true me fashion I fucking pass out! Although it did not last long.

I had to walk back n forth probably ten fucking times with them before I passed out. They either forgot an item or forgot to give hugs and kisses goodnight, needed food and just anything else their tiny little minds could fucking think of.

Little did I know until this morning the shitheads snuck out shortly after my snoring started and ended up in the house bugging everyone. Going to have get a dead bolt or alarm installed to keep the brats in there apparently. I heard nothing when they fucking snuck out. It had to of been after midnight, ugh.

The daughter in her true fashion has been up all fucking night. When I got in the house she was eating a banana. It had some bruising in a spot which she said was gross as she licked it! Yup fucking licked it to check. Then she scrapes the bruised part off puts it in her mouth and bites a good part. I dunno what the fuck that was about but at least she isn’t wasting food.

So far the boys are still passed out, not surprising as I think it was close to four in the fucking morning before they actually settled and stopped going in and out of the trailer. As much as I want to wake their ass’s up and make them suffer for not sleeping, I don’t want to deal with their crabby attitudes.

So instead I will drink coffee, enjoy some country side and some fucking silence!

Then I will nap later, fucking what the fuck Wednesday!

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5 thoughts on “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

  1. Jess I will be praying for you so you get a good day/night sleep! Atleast you are enjoying your trip and thats important! Cheers☕

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