It’s Fuck It Friday!

Standing in the far right corner weighing in at the end of the long week…..Fffffuuuuccccckkkk iiitttt…in the far left corner weighing in…Fffrrriiidddaaayyyy!!!!! ***applause***

That’s right! Let them get together for Fuck It Friday! The only day you can forget all the shit you have not done and just chill.

Well, it fucking snowed in Manitoba last night! Ugh! Just a light dusting of the white shit fell but honestly I did not pack winter gear. Yup fucking mom fail there. So fuck it, we are going to hibernate in the house and keep warm.

At some point the heater went out on the trailer, bbbbrrrrr mother fucker! The poor baby boy wrapped himself so tight in a blanket I thought he was going to emerge a fucking butterfly. Wouldn’t that be fanfuckintastic? A sweet little butterfly, oh the dream. Even though he will be miserable as ever fuck it, I’m waking the shithead up, unwrapping him and off to the house to go back to sleep. One of the family will fix that shit, god knows I am not mechanically inclined for that.

With the snow and no heat, fuck it coffee and movies, maybe I will do my laundry lord knows I’m running low only having brought a week worth. Hhhmmm, fuck it, I’m not naked yet. Haha, I am joking, that shit has to hang dry if I don’t do it now I will be naked plus it is one quick load.

The family is putting together a walk, run, crawl (yes some will depending on alcohol consumption prior lol) whatever and however each makes it the 5km. I signed up but fuck I haven’t done anything further than the couch to the bathroom in years, I should probably get some practice in. Haha, fuck it, I might need someone to piggy back me through to the end. I have no intention of practicing.

My day is just getting started, I’m sure I’ll find new shit to say fuck it to. What is your fuck it Friday list? Anything fun? Don’t be shy nobody will judge, we all say fuck it here.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Fuck It Friday!

  1. The daily tantrums of my youngest almost had me crying this morning..I had to take some deep breaths not to start yelling myself. Fuck that! Pf

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      1. Much respect for you… for having more than 2 I don’t think I could handle it. Thank you love! Your posts make me laugh on mom life stuff.

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      2. Awe two can be just as hard. Every parent deserves respect for what they do. It’s the hardest thing anyone can ever do. I am glad I can light you with a laugh. It is what I aim for


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