It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Ahhhhh yes, the hump in the week that is always challenging, annoying and exhausting! The day that continues to be a state of what the fuck.

Last night when I fell asleep around midnight the boys were still up, in true fashion of me my mid-morning bathroom run was about four thirty. Wouldn’t you fucking know it, the boys still wide awake. These little shits should be a fucking ball of sunshine when they get up *eye roll*

I’ve been trying to get the daughter back on a regular sleep pattern. I thought I had won the fucking battle last night. She stayed up most the day falling asleep around four in the afternoon and still asleep when I went to bed. It was a fucking fail. Turns out she has now been up since about five this morning, with some luck and poking to keep her up it might happen. Eventually, maybe, fuck, probably not.

Outside has officially become a winter fucking wonderland. Oh yes, woke up to about two inches of the white shit the sky decided to puke up through the night. It looks beautiful but what a bunch of shit, I did not pack for fucking winter. I’m told most people who visit Manitoba pack for it in July or August. That would’ve been good fuckimg info to have before I left. Time to fucking hibernate.

Is it bedtime yet? I feel like I could use a break already from today. I guess I’ll just have to down some extra caffeine and suck it the fuck up. Fingers crossed it goes quick, the kids don’t wake miserable and the daughter sleeps tonight.

Ugh what the fuck Wednesday, you did me good for a couple weeks now this? I had high hopes we were going to be best friends soon.

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