It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Tired, stuffy and cold living in a fucking winter wonderland mid week hump! Oh the joys of tis the fucking season and it isn’t even November yet!

It finally got cold enough with enough snow that I bought myself some winter boots. I hate having cold fucking toes, I don’t wear socks and I needed some boots anyway. Mukluks are fucking expensive but let me tell you, so worth the money if you can afford them, I definitely recommend. They also tend to last a very long time I’ve been told.

All hallows eve is nearly upon us and today we are venturing from the country to the city to buy costumes. This should be fucking fun. Kids on very little sleep, trying decide what they want to be amongst the hundreds of fucking costumes available. This will be a fucking adventure all its own.

Up until last night I was fucking winni ng the bedtime battle. They were all back on a regular sleep pattern. Nobody was miserable, it was fanfuckintastic! Today will be a whole different story, ugh!

Eleven pm, tablets down, laying down, no crap! I fell asleep. One am I wake up, two are MMA fighting in the fucking kitchen and the other is hiding in the corner looking for Halloween costumes online! Kick ass’s to bed, all is calm. At least I fucking thought so. So I fell back asleep.

I wake again a little later. Two are having snacks and chasing each other while all I hear is “mom she’s chasing me, she’s going to beat me up” a bunch of giggles and their uncle “no, she’s teaching you a lesson, it’s ok”. Thanks uncle but they need to be in bed, asleep. Next time I am sending them to his camper and he can deal with getting the shitheads to bed. Get to fucking bed.

The other one is hiding in bed beside me playing on his fucking tablet. Are you kidding me? Give me that shit and go to sleep. Then he had to pee, then he needed a drink and then he repeatedly told me he can’t sleep. All he had to do was close his eyes. Boom out in five fucking seconds.

Someone send me extra coffee and some fucking energy please. This is going to be a long ass day!

Happy what the fuck Wednesday, humpday!

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3 thoughts on “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

  1. Sending much needed ☕☕☕emojis and good vibes! These are incredible mine does the same thing sleeps in less than a minute 😊

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