It’s Fuck It Friday!

Let the fuck its goooooo! Let the fuck its go! Don’t keep shit bottled up or you’ll want to blow!

I should probably work on the intros for this shit, I’ve done better before however I am too fucking tired and lazy today so fuck it! Read it or leave it, love it or don’t. It’s Fuck It Friday!

Thank gawd it is the weekend, not that I am working or anything but the kids sleep schedule has gotten all fucked up again. They were up until about three in the fucking morning. The weekend just allows me to use fuck it and ignore the fact their sleep habit needs to be altered. I’ll fix that shit later, maybe, I hope, fine it probably won’t fucking happen but I’ll throw some effort at it later.

I got up super fucking early, not that I needed to as all the shitheads are still snoring away peacefully but I decided fuck it, if I am going to be up I might as well watch the sunrise and down some java. I’m officially on number four of the shit and might just go fucking nap.

All the goblins, ghouls, witches and unicorns come out tomorrow. It’s time to give treats and make tricks. I have the crow and a grim reaper, green goblin thing this year. I tried to tell my eleven year old to not grow up so fast and enjoy her time as a youngin but fuck it. She is more stubborn than a fucking mule hanging on a cliff that just won’t budge from fear of falling. I don’t know where she gets it from, haha, total bullshit. She is just like her mama.

My days in Manitoba are almost at an end for a bit. It’s been fanfuckintastic being here. I don’t really want to return to the reality of my life back home but fuck it, I really miss my oldest babies and fur babies. So I’ll suck it up and return for a bit. Going to miss the country life.

Ahhhh yes, my fuck it Friday list is on a roll for sure! It is still early too. Maybe I’ll throw a few more fuck its in my bucket later….. right now I’m going to say fuck it and drink another coffee, get all jittery and do fuck all.

Happy Fuck It Friday! Get your list on, whatever it is and let the day begin.

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