Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

Happy Halloween to all the little goblins, ghouls, witches and strange unidentifiable things that come out in the night! It’s going to be a great day for treats and tricks alike!

So here’s my sweet little treat for you all to enjoy on this day that is going to encompass a crazy ass full blue moon.

Not What It Seems………..

“Just listen”

As I began my rounds of the mansions grounds with Ben you could hear it off in the distance.

A slight grueling grunt echoed from the tree line.

“It’s nothing! Let’s finish up before it gets too late” Exclaimed Ben.

As we continued through the grounds the section, I hated most was coming up.

The narrow corridor was constructed back in eighteen hundred when the property was a working plantation.

Slowly pushing the old heavy wooden door open as we turned on the rent a cop flashlights they gleamed a golden shade that reflected off the stone walls making them appear almost glossy.

Condensation dripped through the cracks and down the sides of the tunnel which now engulfed us.

Other than the house help and us nobody ever entered into the dark, dingy original cellar.

It had become nothing more than a storage area, but its history and rumored stories of the past intrigued the youth of the town today.

It had become a sense of initiation to the new comers to be dared to enter alone.

Nearly every night we would be chasing them out, as they scurried to gather themselves, tripping over the lost belongings from the ones before.

“It’s awfully quiet in here tonight Ben, it has an extra bit of chill in the air”

“You’re just psyching yourself out man”

“Maybe, but I’ve got a weird feeling”

Creeping slowly, one foot in front of the other, illuminating the path in front of us we headed deeper. The light chasing back and forth along the open room, something caught my eye.

A light coloured leathery looking bag, propped against the wall in the far corner.

“Ben check this out”

My heart pounding like a drum against my chest I moved closer to it. Standing there terrified as I reached down and picked it up.

My fingers pinched the clasp, slowly pulling the string back to loosen the top open, Ben shown the light just above it.
My hand quivered as I reached into the darkness of the bottom.
I could feel it, a warm, furry ball touched the tips of my fingers.
With a firm grasp I locked around it, my heart racing even more, I wasn’t sure what I had found.
Sliding my hand back out, I saw it.

“A kitten”

Hahahaha, Happy Halloween 🎃

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