It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Well fuck! Another wonderful hump day, humping in the non fun way! I should’ve instantly known the day but honestly they all kind of melt together these days!

I was up at four forty-four in the fucking morning. Who the fuck gets up that early? There’s no need to be! But all of a sudden my eyes pop open and boom! Wide a fucking wake. I laid my big ass down trying to sleep again but no go! Extra caffiene today please.

Then there was the wake up! We have been back home since Sunday and the youngest is back in school while here. Of course he is his miserable self and waking his ass up is just as fun.

He yells from his room he doesn’t want to be up. Then runs to the couch and throws himself down. Yells he’s starving but refuses to say what he wants. Tells me he isn’t changing his clothes or going to school. Oh yes, the morning routine with him is back to normal. How I fucking missed that shit! *sarcasm*

Older kids arrive from their dads for school prep. Dogs are going fucking nuts and youngest joins in barking back at them. Apparently he is telling them to shut up in dog language! I don’t know if that’s fucking accurate but it’s annoying as ever! At least he has now occupied himself with his tablet until he leaves.

Man oh man, what the fuck Wednesday! The only good thing you got going for me so far today is my new tattoo! Which I am so looking forward to. There is no better therapy in my life!

Happy what the fuck Wednesday. I hope yours has kicked off better than mine! If not, get up and kick its fucking ass. You can do it!

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