Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

My favorite fucking day of the week! Even though I’ve not had much time lately to keep up, sometimes my brain just writes shit all on its own and then I have to share it.

So here we go, when life gets to a point that we find others no longer serve us, we let go. Now letting go isn’t fucking easy and we wish sometimes it was.

Choices! Life is all about fucking choices! We make them, we live with them. No matter what.

I just wanted you there…….

I just wanted you there
To tell me it is ok
That I am doing what’s right
Supporting me through this
Holding me at night

I just wanted you there
To wipe away the tears
That flow to no end
Making me feel safe
Through this life’s bend

I just wanted you there
Nothing less or more
But you couldn’t see
Why I had to do this
It wasn’t for me

I just wanted you there
Being selfless for us
We needed the love and light
Not your jealous hate
You darkened us like a blanket of night

I just wanted you there
Walking beside me
So when the veil finally lifts
Your regret will set in
You’ve lost these gifts

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday! Feel free to drop your shit!

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