It’s Fuck It Friday!

Well actually it is a what the fuck Wednesday, fuck it friday! It’s been a long fucking week so I am rolling up a dual shot here.

What the fuck Wednesday this week was a bust! It is the first time I’ve missed doing the post but it was for reason’s out of respect for our dearly remembered who without them I would not even be able to post the shit I do!

Soooo onto the Fuck it Friday fuck it list! Ohhhhhh boy the love I have for this day of the week will never fucking disappear.

The youngest this morning refused to get out of bed. Yelling at me he was cold, no it wasn’t because the heat isn’t on. Turns out at some point throughout the night he stripped himself naked. Butt fucking naked, and for some reason we could not find said clothes the little shit stripped off! Where the fuck do clothes disappear too in a room. Only the holy fucking know in this house. So fuck it, off I go to find new ones so he can get his naked little ass out of bed and get ready for school. *sigh*

Alright, he’s up. Fights to take his pill, now unfortunately this is not one I can say fuck it to. He cannot be without it, so the fight for that shit continued.

Breakfast, this was a fucking futile endeavor, he does not want this, does not want that, he’s too fucking tired to chew! Yup, too tired to fucking chew, fuck it! He doesn’t want to eat this morning I’m going to send him to school with something in hand. At least it gives him the option to swallow the shit.

Fuck, as I’m writing this, I have just realized this is accurately a what the Wednesday and fuck it Friday literally fucking rolled into one! Fuck!

Just Fuck it! Fuck it all. Enjoy a day where you just drop the fucking ball and do not bend over to pick that shit up!

Happy fuck it Friday!

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