It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Dingggg….Dongggg….ding, dong, ding dong, ding, dong….oh yeah it is ringing in like an annoying child playing ding, dong ditch at the fucking door. What The Fuck Wednesday arrives! Early fucking morning!

It was a peaceful sleep being had until I could begin to hear a noise like a door bell. Slowly getting louder, louder, and fucking louder. Eyes barely even open, rolling around trying to figure out what the fuck it was.

A little light begins to glow from below the edge of the bed. Reaching down in the dark to grab……..

A tablet! The nine year olds tablet to be exact. With an alarm for five fucking A.M.!!! Going off like a fucking doorbell!! Yes five in the early fucking morning.

Now, this would be okay if said child actually needed to be up or if I needed to be up but neither is the fucking case. He just decided he would randomly set an alarm for this time because he fucking could. He wanted to not sleep all morning but had the wrong time.

You fucking think! Like there’s no way he needs to ever be up that early even with school. Which is now a whole new what the fuck!

The provincial government has decided children will again do remote learning. While I’m not against this per say for those who can make it fucking work. For me? I fucking fail it! Like hard!

I am not a fucking teacher and know that. There’s reasons for that. I feel as though my kids will be lacking in so much education by the end of this that there will be no catching up.

What the fuck Wednesday! Anything else this week you want to throw in? Maybe some good news? A sleep in day? Anything that doesn’t suck ass would be fanfuckintastic!

Someone send me back to bed, I am too tired and miserable for this shit! Java! Lots and lots of java followed by a nap!

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2 thoughts on “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

  1. Well, I am so sorry, Jessica that your sleep broke like this. Sometimes kids do these things unintentionally Parenting is always a challenge, especially nowadays. Your ordeal reminds me of my friend’s kid about 3 to 4 years twins who disappeared in the middle of a conversation on a hot summer day. Later, we found them in the garage, but they were all covered in the flour because they were playing with it. I hope you will get a nap later in the day. Stay calm, and Good luck.

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