It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Humpity, hump, hump, humpity, hump, hump, over the hill we gooooooo! Welcome to the weeks what the fuck hump! It’s dashing through the door.

This week is brought to you by……. time! Oh the one thing we never truly have enough of and we take for fucking granted.

Today I woke semi early, realizing that my oldest baby just had his high school graduation photos done! Fucking high school graduation. He will be eighteen in May and has almost fucking officially become an adult.

Where has the time gone? He started out as just this itty bitty cute little peanut (his official mama nickname) and soon I will release him into the world.

Now I wonder have I prepared him well enough? Have I taught him right? Have I made him strong enough and kind enough to endure the world? Have I….? have I….? They are endless.

The honest fucking truth of it is, I have no idea! Not a single fucking clue! There is no way of knowing any of it and my time with him will soon be limited as he begins work, being on his own and just life in general as it tends to get busy once you’re an adult.

At this point all I can do now is wait and see. Make sure I am there when he needs me and always continue to support him in any way possible.

Time, time has gotten away from me over the years, I dont even fucking know where it has gone. Make the most of your time with whomever you have before it widdles to fuck all.

What the fuck Wednesday! Why do you have to drudge up the emotions of this shit right now! Yes I’m feeling sentimental and some empty nest syndrome bullshit! I’m allowed, I think haha.

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