It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

The midweek mayhem day that never really seems to be gentle. Whether it be emotions, children, people or otherwise, it’s a fucking shit show day!

I woke this morning to realize my time in the country is again almost up. I am headed back to the city and all its glorious bullshit. Totally not a fucking fan of that.

Especially as with it comes another lockdown I was just told. Four weeks of it this time around to start. I worry for my kids’ education and mental health. They are not meant to be cooped up with no fucking socialization.

Then I was told Christmas is canceled? I’m not sure why people keep this saying shit. Do people actually feel it’s about what you get that fucking matters? Yes it may be bare minimum this year for so very many but if you are still healthy and your kids are healthy that is the greatest Christmas ever!

What the fuck Wednesday? Any other fucking bullshit you want to throw at me? There’s no way I’m about to let you ruin my good mood today!

This mama just got accepted last night to go back to school again in the new year! Fifth time’s a charm right? Isn’t that the saying? Haha.

Don’t let your hump day hump you wrong! Take what you get and roll with it until Fuck It Friday!

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5 thoughts on “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

  1. Christmas is not canceled don’t feel that way, if my kids have what they need, taken care of I’m good🎄 still celebrating tho. 🎉 congrats again with getting accepted into school❤

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    1. Yes exactly…I intend to celebrate Christmas as well…I have had people tell me it is canceled I just don’t understand that concept 🤷‍♀️…thank should be an interesting endeavor to teach English as a second language

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