It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

What the fuck, I forgot what the fuck Wednesday this morning! That just tells you the kind of week I’ve been having.

I don’t usually forget this shit, it’s my favorite midweek bitch about shit happening. Maybe I’m just getting old, I mean not in age but after six kids the brain is bound to fucking go downhill at some point right?

It was a five a.m. dogs gone crazy fucking wake up today. I thought about going back to bed but figured what’s the point, I’ll just lay there half awake and then feel extra shitty tired when I do have to get up. Coffee, lots of fucking coffee.

The youngest decided this morning he is sick of school, he doesn’t want to go anymore and thinks it should be Christmas tomorrow. He’s in grade fucking three! How is it even possible at that point to hate school? I ask everyday what he did in class and always says nothing. Well what the fuck is there to hate then? I literally had to force the shithead out the door today!

At some point over the time I was away someone left the freezer open, and closed it after some time, everything had 4 inches of ice and freezer burnt. I mean every fucking thing. I had to throw out about three hundred dollars worth of food. So once that got cleaned up it was time to refill.

Refill in this house means cooking, very fucking large batches of chili, stews, soups and all that shit. This means bringing out the monster pot and no fucking time for naps. First batch up chili. I’m ready for bed now.

But, instead of sleep, it’s shopping, chopping, cooking, cooling, freezing, wrapping gifts, cleaning and whatever else I can find to keep busy to stay awake today.

Someone come stir the pot, pick up kids, and clean up my kitchen please. It’s a disaster, always a fucking huge disaster when I cook big. Or if you have coffee I will take that.

Happy exhausting the fuck Wednesday! May your hump be little.

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