It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

The hump day before Christmas is here! Getting over the holiday bumps are the fucking worst!

The last week my mornings have started with can I have a candy cane? Can open a gift? How long until Christmas? It’s never going to come!

And this morning was no fucking exception to that shit! Youngest wakes up, 7:30 a.m. and wants sugar! From the fucking tree! Hell fucking no you cannot consume it that early! I swear next year I’m not even going to buy them! Except I think I say that every year! I’m a sucker for punishment!

Thank fucking gawd tomorrow is Christmas Eve and that shit will end soon. At least until next year! Can’t escape it Haha!

Today, I rehome my kitties. I am sad to see them go but my youngest and his outbursts, uncontrollable ADHD and his lack of knowing when to leave them alone has stressed them out to the point they are terrified of him. On the plus side I have found wonderful homes for them both and they will have a much more relaxed and happy life.

I wanted to do a simple floor job in my house! That’s it! Just a new fucking floor in the basement! That shit has gone crazy! When i pulled up the tile, it pulled up the cement, fucked the floor and shifted the shower which then no longer fucking worked. It had now become a full fucking basement redo! Of course it did because why the fuck wouldn’t it.

Have you ever renovated with kids? It’s fucking almost impossible! Along with that we are a household of nine people with one fucking bathroom!

Every morning now it’s a fucking race to get in a fast as you can and if you’re lucky the one before you hasn’t taken a big nasty poop that’ll come you out. If the youngest doesn’t in there first he loses his shit. Screaming and crying he’s going to die having to fucking wait!

It’s slow but steady progress getting it done. Fingers fucking crossed it’s over by the new year!

Ahhh yes the what the fuck holiday hump day! It’s almost over, one more hump gone and another Christmas done! I’m just going to keep telling myself that until it actually is.

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