It’s Fuck It Friday!

This is just fanfuckintastic! It’s 2021, it’s Friday and I get to say fuck it on the very first day of the new year! How fucking perfect is this? Well, for me it is absofuckinlutely more perfect than anything else.

So far the kids are all still asleep and I actually got to sleep in. Until nine! Some real universal shit is happening right now and I am in fucking love with it!

I have heaps of laundry that have piled up due to renovations in the basement. Ask me if I care, for real go ahead and ask, I’ll tell you, fuck it! That shit can wait another day, it isn’t going anywhere.

Half of my basement is still in complete disarray, shit is everywhere. I mean tools, chunks of this, chunks of that, some other odds and ends too. Do you think I’m going to go pick that shit up? Nope, fuck it! I’m still renovating so what’s the point in that.

My kitchen has become a catch all. It catches all the things everyone walks by and drops there. We have dishes, empty shopping bags, books, leftovers on plates (fucking lazy kids don’t scrape them) and recycling. Fuck I don’t think that’s all of it but fuck it! I’m sure nobody else will pick it up or put it away so whenever I get to that shit is when I get to that shit.

Damn! My coffee is empty, the house is silent and my fuck it list is on a fucking roll. Progress! What a way kick off the the day! It’s time to say fuck it, refill me java cup and do…

Absofuckinlutely NOTHING!

May your Friday be full of fuck its and relaxing! Go ahead take the day off. All that shit is going to be there tomorrow.

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