It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, fuck that I am going to float today! This hump day is going to be long and trying. I know this already. How?

Well, let me fucking tell you. I got up at five, yup, no real reason just wide awake. That’s clue number 1. Fuck I need more coffee.

I had twenty, no word of a fucking lie, twenty emails this morning. Of what? Well downloaded games on amazon of course. See when my kids download on their tablets I get an email for each one, even when they are free. Clue number 2. Who the fuck did it?

The youngest! Just after making my first coffee that little shit came strolling out of his room. Mom, I’m hungry and can I have hugs? Fuck! Have you fucking slept? Yeeaaahhhh, as his head lowered to gaze the floor. Clue number 3.

Liar, he was fucking lieing, that’s what he does when he lies. He has been up all fucking night! I can still hear him playing wars with his guys in his room. Shoot me, just shoot right fucking now! Clue number 4.

This kid cannot function in a demeaner that is manageable without sleep, I have been here before. Not to mention yesterday the whole online schooling shit was a fucking bust and I promised his teacher he would participate today when she emailed me why he wasn’t there. Clue number 5.

So, now I’m supposed to force an ADHD, DMDD, ODD kid with educational learning ailments, who has not fucking slept in twenty-four hours to sit in front of a fucking computer for at least eight? Either the teacher will be insane or I will by the end of it and my fucking money is on me! Clue number 6.

Wow, isn’t the mom version of clue so much fucking fun. Who will lose their shit first? How did it happen? What was the reaction of choice? Someone should fucking make this version it is sounding fun.

What the fuck Wednesday? I thought we were becoming friends? That we had an understanding? That 2021 was going to be our new beginning to being kimd to each other? NO?

Well, fuck you then! I’m going to mutter my way through the hump with a fucking extra large coffee in hand.

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4 thoughts on “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

  1. My shirt today says “I’m just WTF-big my way through life”

    I hear ya. I was sooooooo glad when my son closed his computer down a half hour ago. We had our own mini meltdown when he realized that yes indeed, he does need to complete the work he will be missing by not being “in” school tomorrow and Friday.
    Good luck, mom. You will survive this, maybe barely, but you got this!

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