It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

But it’s not a normal what the fuck Wednesday. It’s one of what the fuck in the universe shifted to bring a semi normal and manageable hump day.

Typically I’ve got shit to bitch about and other than being up at five in the fucking morning today, today is one of love.

As I was getting ready with my oldest daughter, I stated that maybe I’ll due my hair. I have a bunch of grey but it suits in the middle when it’s up and the rest hides. So, she tells me, mom you’re almost in point for the trend. I ask her what would make it on point. To which she replies, well if your hair is down and there’s a stripe on both sides then you’re trendy! Well fuck me! It does do that, so she says I’m trendy. So now for two reasons I might just leave.

First, to show my daughter that natural beauty is beautiful and second, I am mother fucking trendy as shit! Hell yeah. Lol

I had to take my girls to Walmart this morning, the older one needed a shirt for her grade nine grad photos and the younger one some school shit. So I’m walking around with the youngest, sweating to fucking death from my coat and when I pipe up saying I’m hot. She then pipes up, yes you are! Well damn, I can’t argue that fucking shit. So I did the mom aweeee and told her how much I love her.

The youngest boy was in a great mood this morning only said fuck once as the older boys bugged and didn’t fight to get to school. In my books that’s a fucking.

Soooooo, what the Wednesday? I love your ass today because today, I am one got ass mama who is fucking trendy and has a boy that behaved!

Happy fucking hump day, hope yours is an easy one.

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