It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Whoop, whoop, humpety, hump, hump, humpety, hump, hump, look the fucking ride up! It’s the mid week roller-coaster ride everyone wants off!

Or at least I fucking want off of it!

This morning was a quiet, yet rushed feeling morning. Not sure why, I woke on time, the kids weren’t complete assholes. I even got coffee brought to me.

But, for whatever fucking reason, everything I go to do seems to either take too long or time is flying by too fucking fast. I haven’t figured out which one it is yet. Either way it is bullshit. I am going to have to adjust what I do or allow more time for the tasks. Right now though I am doing neither haha.

I did decide I need to stop raising smartass kids though. I went grocery shopping, spent four hundred and fifty dollars, came home put it away and stated the youngest better not come home and say there’s no food today. He has a habit of that. Oldest goes downstairs comes back up, “hey mom there’s no food” then laughs like he’s funny as he heard exactly what I just finished saying. Fucking smartass.

Daughter needed help with science homework. Asked her to explain, she did. Ok, she asks which element is easiest to research. I said element from what, the periodic table. Her response, “no from cheese” with a shit eating grin on her face. Hahaha, fuck she’s funny. In my defense their are many elements like earth, fire, water, air, damn kids.

I guess if I’m going to teach them smartass ways I should always expect it back. Honesty is the best policy, right? I mean I teach them if you got shit on your mind say it. But come on!! Smartass little shits.

Maybe I’ll just hide today, for a bit. Take a nap, relax, and ride up the what the fuck Wednesday with ease.

Happy hump day!

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