It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

It’s what the fuck Wednesday and a hump day that just keeps going uphill! The bullshit struggle is all too real.

I’m late to my own fucking ritual post too. Because you know it’s been a fucking day!

I thought it was going to start out ok, I was up on time, had coffee and then I realized the time. I hadn’t got dressed, hadn’t packed lunches, hadn’t brushed my teeth, nothing I had done nothing and it was time to leave the house.

So I ran around like a fucking chicken with my head cut off, got out the door in five minutes in order to drive hubby to work, then back to get kids ready and to school. The girls were mad at me for making them go, the youngest was an asshole and another didn’t like the idea of it being too cold for just a sweater. He’s a preteen, junior high next year and attitude like he’s thirty some days. By the time that was done I was already giving exhausted.

Then, I had to be job hunting! Has anyone tried to fucking look at jobs these days? Cuz I’m telling you I’m not qualified for any of that shit. It gives me a stress ache. You know a headache from fucking stress!

I just got the boys from school and holy fucking hell, my youngest refuses to not scream. I’m not talking a nice little tiny scream, I’m talking blood curdling, bust your fucking ear drums shit! All because he wanted to see if he could get loud enough that human ear can’t hear it! My ears can fucking hear it, guaranteed.

I still have to pick up hubby, cook supper and survive until bedtime. Someone bring coffee, with alcohol in the shit!

Fucking hump day! What The Fuck Wednesday, when are we going to get along! Mom is losing her shit!

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