It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

I’m late, I’m late for a very important day! The what the fuck Wednesday hump day!

Well, better fucking late than never! It’s been an insane week but a gentle day today! Thank gawd I was able to just coast along this hump day.

Emotions have been running high all over the place, I miss my baby who is still in Manitoba, which is extremely hard but I know it’s best for him. Teenagers and preteens have been raging with hormones too. Is there a universal bunch of shit? It seems to have chilled a bit now. Phew!

I got up super early today, had coffee in peace and fucking quiet. Took my sweet ass time getting out the door to do drop offs before getting kids to school.

Shit, even my youngest wasn’t an asshole this morning, he actually slept last night. Woke in a decent mood, took his meds and got out the door without too much fuss! What The Fuck! This almost never happens.

I just woke up from a decent little nap, I still feel exhausted and drained but it definitely helped for functioning purposes, I might actually fucking make it to bedtime now. I hope.

Here’s to a less chaotic, stressful what the fuck Wednesday! Sometimes you just gotta do nothing to be able to do everything! Mental health fucking matters!

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