It’s Fuck It Friday!

I typically have an abundance of fucks to give for this but this Friday? Fuck no! I have one, one fuck to give,so if you need it, you can only borrow it.

Please return to sender, after this morning, I may need to reuse that shit! Or you have one I can borrow, I will reciprocate it when mine replenish.

I went to step out of bed this morning and fuck me, I can barely put pressure on my leg. It has officially got bad enough again I’ve had to say fuck it and going to make an appointment for it to be checked.

I also woke feeling like death warmed in the fucking microwave on repeat for far too fucking long. Why is that as I age shit just feels more painful? I don’t like it. Fuck it, I will be laying down with heat and not moving unless I have to pee. Which is like every twenty fucking minutes. Ugh aging sucks!

I walked into a fucking door. Yup, that’s right! Underestimated the width of how far I opened the damn thing, it hit my foot as I lunged forward and fucking smoked the side of my face! I’ll be lucky if it doesn’t give me a black eye! So, fuck it! Tylenol and rest it is.

The youngest refused, absofuckinlutely refused to change his clothes this morning before school. With everything that had already happened, I threw my hands in the air, fuck it! That’s right! He went to school in the same clothes. I have to pick my battles carefully today.

Ohhhh fuck it Friday, we are on a roll today, the only good thing so far is the drive thru didn’t fuck up my coffee. Thank fucking gawd, I need that shit!

To all the things I may have needex to do, FUCK IT! I will be chilling and doing nothing just so I don’t end up killing myself today trying to accomplish things. So far it’s working.

Happy Fuck It Friday!

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